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Waipio is a neighborhood situated in the Ewa District, Oahu. Waipio is defined as curved water in the Hawaiian language. In Waipio, the Waipio Valley is very famous. Waipio is a Hawaiian term that means curved water. Many Hawaiian kings used Waipio as the capital. It used to be home to many kings in Oahu until the reign of King Umi. Waipio is well known for the nioi tree. The nioi tree is also called the Nioi wela o Paakalana. The ancient grass palace that belongs to the Hawaiian kings can be found in Waipio Valley. During the 18th century, king Kahekili II carried out a raid. King Kahekiki II managed to burn down the four sacred trees during the raid. The Waipio Valley is about 2,000 feet above the sea level.

The neighborhood is estimated to have a population of approximately 11,672 residents and 3,900 households. Waipio is made up of people with several races including white, African American, Native American and Asian. The average income of the household in Waipio is $61,276 while the average income for a family in Waipio is $69,282. The income per capita in Waipio is $24,451. The postal code 96797 is assigned to Waipio. Many years ago, the Battle of Kipapa Gulch occurred at Waipio. At first, the battle took place in Waikakalaua Gulch. After that, the battle was spread to Kipapa Gulch. The raiders were vanquished in the battle. According to the local legend, the gulch was filled with the bodies of the warriors of the raiding party.

There are thousands of homes and condominiums at Waipio. There are also many renter occupied apartments in Waipio. It is estimated that there are 18,194 houses and 6,101 rental apartment units. The average living cost is $156.2. The property tax is about $763. Most of the houses in Waipio are built in between 1980 – 1989. There are also plenty of houses built in between 1990 – 1999. The newest house is built in between 2000 – 2005. The majority of the houses in Waipio has 4 – 5 bedrooms. You will also find houses with 1- 2 bedrooms. Expensive real estate properties may have 5 bedrooms or more. The rental apartments usually have 1 – 2 bedrooms. The values of the homes range in between $500,000 – $749,999. There are also houses that value in between $150,000 – $499,000. There are a few hundred properties that value for more than $1,000,000.

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